Hamouda 22 years old, in the recording studio of the Palestinian Child Center, in the Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem.

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Children head for the separation wall in Shufat refugee camp in East Jerusalem.

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Hamouda celebrates the wedding of a resident of Shuafat refugee camp.

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Shuafat refugee camp seen from Israeli settlements.

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Hamouda pauses in the gym at the Shuafat refugee camp and looks out the window where the separation wall is visible.

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Ahmad and Suhaip inflate balloons in an alley of Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem.

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Hamouda, Nour, Ahmad, Suhaip and others are preparing to make a video for their latest song in the streets of Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem.

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Children will throw garbage cans in an alley of Shuafat refugee camp. The walls were recently by local residents "to make it less sad".

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Ahmad records his piece in the Palestinian Child Center studio.

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Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem. Many buildings have not been finished.

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Sara, 22, takes a selfy at the Palestinian Child Center. She is one of the volunteers who helps to organize the activities for the little ones.

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At the entrance of the Palestinian Child Center, 15-year-old Ahmad and his friends joke with Zare, the daughter of Abouchir, director of the center.

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Hamouda lives with his parents. In the background, photos of his father who was a football coach.

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Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem.

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DIn the Palestinian Child Center, Hamouda and his students are heckling.

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The separation wall in the Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem. Wastewater rises to the surface. The municipality of Jerusalem is supposed to manage this part of the city but it is the inhabitants who are obliged to solve this kind of problems considering the inaction of the authorities.

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In the recording studio of the Palestinian Child Center, Hamouda asks his students to concentrate on writing the lyrics of their songs.

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Not far from the "Palestinian Child Center", bullets perforated the facade of a store probably during a settlement of account related to drug trafficking.

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Shuafat Refugee Camp Surrounded by the Separation Wall in East Jerusalem.

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Tair, 19 : «In this society, it is obvious that everyone must do the army, regardless of what you think or who you are. The government, the soldiers themselves, the defense ministry, everybody says, «We have no choice.» Israelis manage to convince themselves that there is no alternative to war. My idea was to break this prejudice. Regarding the checkpoints, the argument is the same: «We have no choice, they stab us in the street.» This is part of the general problem of this country, everything is connected to fear.» Tel Aviv 2016.


Yaron 22, postman : «I was in a military high school. I was supposed to become a high ranking officer. on the Internet, I came across an interview with a politician who said that Arabs and Jews could cooperate. After that, everything has changed for me. After a year and a half of service, I spent forty days in prison.» Tel Aviv 2016


Raz, 26, filmmaker : « When I was 15 I knew nothing about the Palestinians. I lived in a kind of bubble. But when I went into the territories for the first time I saw very clearly that the occupation didn’t exist for security reasons. I felt strongly that we’d been lied to. In 2008 seven of us refused to join the army. I spent 4 months in jail. I came face to face with the reality of other girls who were in a much more difficult situation than mine both on a family and social level.» Tel Aviv 2016.


Omri, 18 : «It all started with an awareness about a very simple thing: I am against taking a life. I quickly realized that I could not be part of a violent structure like the army. At home, we did not talk about politics, I did not even know what the occupation of the Palestinian territories was. When I went to the West Bank, it was like an electroshock. At checkpoints, at 3 am, we can see 8,000 people waiting to go through a very small door. There are elderly people, pregnant women and patients. Some fall from exhaustion. I spent 67 days in jail.» Tel Aviv 2016.


Gilad 23, student : «The first time I thought I would not want to be in the army, I had to be ten years old. The idea of sleeping with other men, taking showers with them terrified me. Today my job is to go to the schools of the poorest neighborhoods to talk to students about militarism in Israel.» Tel Aviv 2016.


Ben, 27, video club assistant: “My father spent 40 days in jail for not wanting to serve in the army in Gaza. When it was my turn to go, I told the officer in charge about my mental problems, that I didn’t want to carry a weapon and that if I was forced to carry one, I would use it against my superiors. It was one of the most important decisions of my life. When I see all the young people who die for the Zionist cause I can only be happy with my decision. I'd like to feel compassion for these soldiers but, honestly, I can't: when they pull the trigger and shoot at civilians that's unforgivable.” Tel Aviv 2014.


Alona 24, student :«I was born in Ukraine and arrived in Israel in 2002. I got up every day at 5 am, went to the army and stayed until 5 pm. And I worked almost every day in a cafe until one or two in the morning. I lived with my aunt. But I did not have enough money to help him with the rent. I felt like I was a burden to her. Once I slept in the street. After this episode, I decided that I would not continue my military service.» Tel Aviv 2016.


Aiden 19 : «I decided I would not go to the army when I saw the video of my friend Taïr Kaminer Kaminer. I wanted to do something brave and supportive. I thought that could have a positive effect on this cause that a transgender went to a man’s prison.» Tel Aviv 2016.